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How often should your piano be tuned or serviced?

It is recommended to have your piano tuned a minimum of once a year, but most pianos if played regularly should be tuned twice a year.  New pianos and older instruments may require tuning more often. The pitch will drop if the piano is not tuned on a regular basis and the environment can often determine how many times it needs to be tuned.

All pianos need to be serviced at some time in their life, this will depend on the amount of usage they receive and the conditions in which they are kept. A concert pianist’s piano would usually require an annual service whereas a beginners may only need to be looked at every five or so years to maintain its optimum playing condition.


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Where is the best place for my piano?

A piano doesn't like being too cold or too hot. The environment will affect a pianos tuning, so avoid placing them where this may be an issue i.e. avoid draughts if possible, keep away from windows, radiators & other sources of heat. A constant temperature around 18°C to 21°C (65°F to 70°F) is ideal. Central heating dry's the air, drawing moisture from the wooden components in the piano. When the heating is turned off at night the humidity in the room rises, then when turned on in the morning, the humidity drops. These changes in relative humidity causes the wood in the piano to shrink and expand. Changes to humidity in a room where the piano is stored are often responsible for tuning instability and other serious problems, such as loose tuning pins, split soundboard's and regulation issues. Ideally, you should try to keep your piano within 45 - 60 per cent relative humidity. If you feel that your piano is in an unsuitable environment you should think about purchasing either a humidifier to counteract excess dryness or a dehumidifier for excess dampness. Your piano tuner will be able to advise you on this.


Want a Better Quality Piano?
Can't afford to buy one outright?
Don't feel confident in choosing the right instrument?

Maybe a company that allows you to 'try before you buy' in the form of rental may be the ideal solution.

Most Piano Companies now have the option to buy the Piano you are renting with some of the rental payments going towards the final purchase of the instrument, this will vary from company to company and would advise you to shop around for the most comprehensive and competitively priced company.

Here is a selection of Uk Piano Rental companies who offer this service, it is not a comprehensive list and you may find others with similar deals in your area.

UK Piano Rental Companies

Paregal Piano Rental pianos: Acoustic, uprights and Grand's.

Uk Pianos: Digitals & Acoustic upright rentals New and Secondhand.

Piano Warehouse: Acoustic Rentals New & Secondhand.

Marksons Pianos: Acoustic and Digital Upright Rentals

Pianoman: Acoustic Upright Rentals





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